Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay your taxe d’habitation online

If you own a property in France, you will be liable for Taxe d’Habitation.

If you can’t visit your local tax office in person, you can pay your taxe d’habitation online. It’s rather straight-forward.

taxe d habitation online

Please follow this link here

Click on « Payer en ligne »

Numéro fiscal : enter your fiscal number which you will find on your income tax form or any other taxes (habitation or foncière)

Click on “Payer en ligne

Enter the reference number of the tax you are paying.

(référence de l’avis)

Finally you will have to enter your French bank details and your email address.

Once the tax is paid you will receive an email confirming your payment. Keep it for your records.

Please note you won’t be able to pay your tax d’habitation or foncière (rates) online once you have missed the deadline.

Please send me an email here if you require assistance with paying your taxe d’habitation or taxe foncière online or any other way.

Employing an artisan in France

I wish to employ an artisan to do some work in my cottage in France. How do I ensure he is registered to work in France?

You can ask the artisan to supply you with:

  • an extract from the Register of Commerce (extrait d’inscription au registre du commerce et des sociétés),
  • a certificate of registration in the Register of Craft Trades (carte justifiant l’inscription au Répertoire des Métiers),
  • a company document (estimate, publicity) stating the company name, address and registration number.

How to cancel car insurance in France?

What document do I need to cancel my car insurance in France?

If you sell your car in France, you will need to send a ‘Déclaration de Cession’ signed by both parties to your insurance company.


You must write ‘Vendue’, as well as the date and time of sale across the Carte Grise (French log book).

That way, if the purchaser of the car gets fined for speeding you will have a proof that you were not the driver.

You can easily download a  “Déclaration de cession” from the internet. Follow this link here.

Click on ‘Téléchargez le formulaire’.

Finally, if you require any help with some paperwork in France, please contact me here.



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