How to pay your Taxe Foncière online

How to pay your Taxe Foncière online

If you own a property in France, you will be liable for the Taxe Foncière.

If you can’t visit your local tax office in person, you can pay your Taxe Foncière online. It’s rather straight-forward.

Please follow this link here. 

Click on « Payer en ligne »

Numéro fiscal : enter your fiscal number which you will find on your income tax form or any other taxes (habitation or foncière)

Click on “Payer en ligne”

Enter the reference number of the tax you are paying.

(référence de l’avis)

Finally you will have to enter your bank details and your email address.

Once the tax is paid you will receive an email confirming your payment. Keep it for your records.

Please note you won’t be able to pay your taxe foncière or habitation (rates) online once you have missed the deadline.

Please send me an email here if you require assistance with paying your taxe d’habitation or taxe foncière online or any other way.


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