How to pay your Taxe d’Habitation online

How to pay your Taxe d’Habitation online

If you own a property in France, you will be liable for Taxe d’Habitation.

If you can’t visit your local tax office in person, you can pay your Taxe d’Habitation online. It’s rather straight-forward.

taxe d habitation online

Please follow this link here. 

Click on « Payer en ligne »

Numéro fiscal : enter your fiscal number which can be found on any of your tax form (habitation or foncière)

Click on “Payer en ligne

Enter the reference number of the tax you are paying.

(référence de l’avis)

Finally you will have to enter your bank details then your email address.

You will receive an email confirming your payment. Keep it for your records.

Please note you won’t be able to pay your taxe d’habitation or foncière (rates) online once you have missed the deadline.

Please send me an email here if you require further assistance with paying your taxe d’habitation or taxe foncière online or any other way.

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Philip FetherstonPosted on  11:02 am - May 14, 2017

Hello, The keep sending the bills to the house in france.
The foncier anbd habitation are both overdue but i have them now in england.
I want to pay by credit card , i this possible?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  6:35 am - May 17, 2017

    Dear Philip,
    It is not possible to pay by bank card. See my post to see how you can pay your French taxes (TIP, cheque, bank transfer).
    Feel free to contact me if you require any further help.

    Tom mageePosted on  2:17 pm - Feb 11, 2018

    Hi Rachel

    I have received my taxe de habitation, it included an amount for television licence for a tv I do not have in France. I had filled in a declaration form saying that I did not have a tv but they have still charged me for it . I have now received bill for the amount 588E + 59E for paying late. How can I overcome this problem, I am not due back in France until April, and my French is not good enough to argue my case on the phone.

      RachelG GallardPosted on  4:29 pm - Feb 11, 2018

      Hi Tom

      Thank you for your message. What you could have done is paid the taxe d’habitation online before the deadline deducting the amount of the TV licence.
      Now it’s too late so I would pay the full amount either by cheque or following my instructions to pay the taxe d’habitation online, and I would write to the tax office asking to waive the TV licence.
      Please let me know if you require further assistance.

John jasonPosted on  6:56 am - Sep 6, 2017

I live in U.K. Do not have a bank account in France own a flat and am liable for both Taxe Habitation and Fonciere.
The new rule regarding payment of amount over 2000€ prohibits payment by cheque how can I transfer from my UK bank the payment necessary?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:23 am - Sep 6, 2017

    Dear John,
    thank you for your message.
    You can pay by bank transfer. You need to contact your local tax office to get their bank details.
    When you transfer the money, ensure you add your name and tax reference number, as well as TH (for Taxe d’Habitation) and/or TF (for Taxe Foncière).
    I can help if you need further assistance.
    Best wishes

Jenny KelseyPosted on  9:12 pm - Sep 16, 2017


Thank you for your clear instructions on paying tax d’habitation on line. We now have our tax Fonciere Bill, is it the same method to pay that on line too? We have a French bank account so have all those details to hand.

Jenny KelseyPosted on  9:13 pm - Sep 16, 2017


We now have our tax Fonciere Bill, is it the same method to pay that on line too? We have a French bank account so have all those details to hand.

Jenny KelseyPosted on  5:24 pm - Sep 19, 2017

Thank you very much Rachel……and for getting back to me so quickly

ScottPosted on  4:58 pm - Sep 20, 2017

Hi Rachel,

Thanks very much for this guide. I was struggling for a little while, thinking I had to first set up an account before I could pay my tax fonciere on-line, until I Googled and got your helpful guide and then managed to pay the bill in 5 minutes (well 10 really – 5 minutes spent finding my IBAN number!). As you say, it’s really straight-forward – though I’m fairly sure I would have given up and left it till the weekend had I not found your guide. So thanks!!


Carly MitchellPosted on  7:16 pm - Sep 22, 2017

Hi, we have a property in France but live in the U.K. at the moment. We have not received our taxe fonciere or d’habitation bills and suspect that they have been posted to our French property. I am concerned that the deadlines for payment will have passed by the time that we are next in France to pick up the bills. Is there any way that we can get the reference numbers for these to pay them online? We have a French bank account so will have no problem laying, we just need to know what the reference number is. We have last years bills from the previous owner but I am much not sure if the reference stays the same or changes annually?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:34 am - Sep 24, 2017

    Dear Carly,

    The Taxe Foncière will be sent to the address you gave the notaire when you bought your French property.
    You are probably not in their system yet. I had to call the tax office this week as I received a taxe foncière for a client who sold and send back to the UK last September! They hadn’t made the changes yet.
    If you really want to be sure the tax hasn’t got lost in the post, you can send the taxe office a copy of last year’s taxe foncière and a copy of the attestation you got from the notaire when you bought your house. Their email address should be on last year’s tax papers. Here a simple text you send them:

    Madame, Monsieur,
    Nous n’avons pas reçu de taxe foncière. Est-ce normal ?
    Write your name and French address
    Plus UK address = adresse de correspondance
    Sincères salutations.

    Let me know how you get on!

      Carly MitchellPosted on  2:31 pm - Oct 5, 2017

      Thanks so much Rachel. We made contact and got the bill sent to our UK address and got it paid online using your really helpful guide.
      Thank you so much for making this so easy!

David C MitchellPosted on  10:04 am - Sep 26, 2017

Dear Rachel,
I am becoming very concerned that I have not received a demand for payment of taxe foncière though I understood it should be received by the end of September. I live here permanently. I became the owner of the property in June 2016 and moved in at the beginning of October 2016. I thought the notaire who handled the purchase for me was going to notify the tax authorities of the change of ownership. I have not completed a French income tax return as I was told I would not have to do that until 2018 and so do not have a numéro fiscal . What should I do if anything.

SarahPosted on  10:02 am - Oct 1, 2017

Hi Rachel – I am trying to pay my tax fonciere on line for the first time and it seems relatively straight forward. However, when I try to enter the IBAN number (ours begins with FR) it doesn’t give me an option to enter FR in the first drop down box? Please can you advise?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  4:25 pm - Oct 1, 2017

    Hi Sarah,
    I have just connected to my online account to see and the first box shows the Iban. FR was already entered. Maybe try again another day? Contact me for more information if you wish.

BabsPosted on  6:41 pm - Oct 2, 2017

Hi l bought a piece of agricultural land two years ago, the previous British owner said he had never paid any tax on it and had owned it for 6 years, however, last year I received a tax demand from France which I paid, and another one for 112 Euro this September. The land has never been used for any business so, should I be paying tax on it?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:14 am - Oct 3, 2017

    Hi Babs,

    I am surprised you are paying a Taxe Foncière on some agricultural land.
    It could be worth calling/emailing them to be sure it is not a mistake.
    Best wishes

ChrisPosted on  11:32 am - Oct 3, 2017

I wont pay untik next october. I bought my house in March 2017. I dont pay tax anywhere but would pay it the UK if l had to pay. I have a uk pension. Where will l find my fiscal number. I dont tax returns.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  6:25 pm - Oct 3, 2017

    Hi Chris,
    Your fiscal number will be on your taxe foncière next year.
    You can contact your local tax office to obtain it sooner.
    Best wishes.

brendan meanyPosted on  11:06 am - Oct 4, 2017

Ive tried connecting with the link but it says it is down for maintenance for a number of days, seem strange since the deadline for the Foncier tax is the 16th of this month

RazPosted on  7:33 am - Oct 5, 2017

I moved from France a few months ago so need to get a re-assessment of the tax that was applied to me. Please can you advise what number to use to call the office from abroad? I’ve checked the website and nothing !

Sarah sPosted on  7:16 am - Oct 6, 2017

Hi Rachel, what a helpful post and thread 🙂
I received our tax fonciere through the post to our address in the UK in September. After 2 hours I found a different thread online and managed to pay through the government website online (as I struggled with my French bank account accepting the IBAN number). I have not yet received my tax habitation bill. When should I expect it? When is it due? I assume I could pay in way you’ve explained above – although I don’t know the amount yet! If I did know the amount – (or guessed!) Does the habitaction tax have a different reference number to the fonciere? (so they know which is which?) and if so, can I only find this on the habitaction bill? I am worried they have/will send the habitaction bill to my address in France…. many thanks

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:04 am - Oct 6, 2017

    Hi Sarah

    The taxes d’habitation are not in the post yet!
    The deadline is 15th December if your French property is your holiday home. (15th November for main homes).
    You can’t pay it online indeed without the tax/’Avis d’imposition’.
    Kind regards

      Sarah sPosted on  12:21 pm - Oct 9, 2017

      Thank you so much Rachel, you are very helpful. Do you have any idea if they are likely to send it to my address in the UK? The Fonciere arrived here fine. When do they usually start / finish sending them out?

Ann Dahlen FlightPosted on  12:57 am - Oct 7, 2017

Hi Sarah and Rachel,

I am having the same problem when trying to enter the IBAN number for my French Bank account.
Would you be able to send the link that you used.

Richard MasonPosted on  9:06 pm - Oct 8, 2017

Truly excellent and clear step by step instructions – thank you so much.
What initially looked like a nightmare scenario as cheques are no longer accepted for payments over E 2.000,00 was in fact very straightforward, although I suspect that it helped that I have French bank account.
Thanks again

VIVIENNE HEASMANPosted on  12:27 pm - Oct 9, 2017

Hi I am tryin to pay Taxes Fonciere. I live in Norway and we only do internet banking. I have tried following instructions but that seems to be for a transfer where they ask for the monies from my bank account. This is not possible in norway. I have been tryin to find out the bak account for taxes foncieres with they IBAN SWIFT codes and then can just transfer money in moments. At present I do not have a french bank account. and Norwegian banks don’t wirte check. Do you have any ideas how I can pay bill.. I have been trying to contact them, but I just get refered to the same email address with my question is ouside of their perimeters???

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:07 am - Oct 10, 2017

    Hi Vivienne,
    You can Email me your Taxe Fonière (both sides) and I will call them to get their bank details including Iban and Bic for you. Best wishes. Rachel

Sarah sPosted on  7:43 am - Oct 12, 2017

I’ve just read your reply to Vivienne, Rachel, you are a dream! How wonderfully helpful you are.

SuePosted on  8:54 pm - Oct 12, 2017

Hello I have just paid my Tax Fonciere for the first time online using my french bank a/c details. I have received a confirmation email. I read on another website….””remember to fill out the authorisation for your bank and post it on”. I’m not sure what this is…I understand the payment will come out on 26/10/17 and reads date of prelevement on my confirmation email…I do not want this to be a problem when they come to take the funds…Thanks

JenPosted on  1:19 pm - Oct 14, 2017

I set up a direct debit online so we can pay our taxe fonciere in instalments over the year, however i’m told this will not start until January 2018, so we are still liable to pay for 2017.
When I go online to pay for 2017, it asks for the full amount for the year- which will surely cross over with the direct debit which starts in January?
There doesn’t seem to be an option which allows you to pay pro rata- or maybe i’m getting confused… just concerned as the deadline is Monday.
Many thanks.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  6:35 am - Oct 15, 2017

    Hello Jen,

    This is correct, the Taxe Foncière which is due now is for this year (2017).
    The instalments from January to October 2018 are for the year 2018.
    If you have set up a direct debit for January then the taxe foncière 2017 is still due. It can only be paid in one payment now.
    I hope this clearer!

JenPosted on  5:04 pm - Oct 19, 2017

Thanks so much, that really helped!

Karen AgnewPosted on  6:31 pm - Oct 20, 2017

On both links Rachel and Sarah gave for paying Taxes Foncieres online, I cannot plug in my IBAN because FR is not on the pull-down list. When the screen first comes up, it is…then in about 1.5 seconds, it disappears. I’m frustruated. Been at this for over an hour now.

Karen AgnewPosted on  6:57 pm - Oct 20, 2017

I sorted it out…my computer was translating the page into English…so I just added French into my settings so it wouldn’t do that and FR became available for an option for my IBAN . Huh. So simple after that.

RosiePosted on  10:55 am - Oct 22, 2017

Hi. We bought a holiday house in France in December 2016 (paid a small payment in our purchase for 2016) and have not received either bills for habitation and fonciere taxes for 2017 when should we receive them ? Also can we pay these in monthly instalments or will we need to pay 2017 in full and set up monthly for 2018? Thank you just trying to organise ourselves for the future

    RachelG GallardPosted on  7:22 pm - Oct 22, 2017

    Hi Rosie,
    You should have received the Taxe Foncière for your French holiday home. It was due on 16th October. You should contact your local tax office!
    The Taxe d’Habitation is due on 15th December. You have to pay in full for 2017. Monthly instalments will be from January 2018 for 2018.
    I hope this information is useful.
    Best wishes,

StephenPosted on  1:53 pm - Oct 24, 2017

Hi Rachel

I have been trying to pay the Taxes Foncieres through the tax portal from my UK Bank euro account as I no longer have a French bank account. Each time I put in my BIC number I get an error message to say my Bank does not allow this type of SEPA payment. I have checked with my Bank and it does, so I am not sure what to do next

    RachelG GallardPosted on  5:04 pm - Oct 24, 2017

    Hi Stephen,
    You can’t pay after the deadline anyway.
    You can contact your French local tax office and ask for a RIB (bank details) and transfer the money.
    Kind regards

      PaulaPosted on  8:06 pm - Mar 4, 2018

      Hi Rachel. My daughter had the same problem with not having a French bank account. She tried twice to ring them waiting over an hour each time but couldn’t get through. We have no way of paying the bill and now have over 150 pounds worth of phone charges. Is there an email address? My daughter was studying in Grenoble.

terryPosted on  10:51 am - Nov 6, 2017

Hi can you please assist. I have received a demand for payment of my taxe foncière which is now overdue. Although I have advised them they continue to send the demand to the wrong UK address. I see from your comments this cannot be paid online if overdue (16/10/2017) now 6/11/2017.

How best do I deal with this?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  10:54 am - Nov 6, 2017

    Dear Terry

    You can pay both French taxes (taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation) by cheque or by transfer but to pay by transfer you will need to ask the French tax office for their bank details (RIB).
    Kind regards

IanPosted on  1:49 pm - Nov 6, 2017

Hi Rachel, I wonder if you can advise me.

I bought an apartment in January 2016, and have not received bills for either taxe d’habitation or taxe fonciere. Last year I paid taxe fonciere pro-rata to the previous owner. From reading the above, taxe fonciere is now overdue. I have tried calling the Isere tax office using the number on the site but keep getting an ‘all our agents are busy’ message. Is there any other way I can contact them? I cannot find an email address for them.

As far as I know I do not have a fiscal number. I pay taxes through the autoentrepreneur system. I have a social security number on my Carte Vitale, and a SIRET number, but without a fiscal number I can’t set up an account on or use the contact form on that site.

Thank you for you help, and for a really useful website,

    RachelG GallardPosted on  3:51 pm - Nov 6, 2017

    Dear Ian,

    Reading your message I understand you live in France.
    Have you done your French income tax return in May this year? If you have, you should have received your taxe d’habitation by now. it is due on 15th November.

    However the tax office would have sent the taxe foncière to your UK address if it’s the address you gave to the notaire when you purchased your French house.
    I suggest you visit your nearest tax office. You could ask for a copy of your taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation and pay both taxes then. With a bit of luck they won’t charge you the 10% penalty fee for late payment.

    Let me know how you get on. Bonne chance !

      IanPosted on  10:41 am - Nov 9, 2017

      Thanks for the advice. I had to wait until today because the local tax office has limited opening, but they had the taxe fonciere and let me pay it without a penalty fee. They said my Taxe d’habitation bill won’t be ready until February.

      DianaPosted on  9:42 am - Jan 10, 2018


      We have not previusly had a problem with tax until last year when the d’habitation bill arrived late. This time it has not arrived at all. I have paid the foncieres but without a bill have no reference number to pay th d’habitation. I have called the number shown on the bill so many times and either it rings and goes to a message wih no option to leave any information or just cuts off. What other option do I have please? Diana

        RachelG GallardPosted on  10:37 am - Jan 10, 2018

        Hi Diana,
        Soon (in February) you will receive the reminder of the taxe d’habitation and you will be able to pay it online following the instructions on my web site.
        It is more or less impossible to get hold of the French tax office by phone between August and January!

        Kind regards

Jenny KelseyPosted on  4:54 pm - Nov 7, 2017

Hello again Rachel. A while ago you were able to give me some very helpful advice re taxe Foncière, now duly paid. We have returned to England, to our main house, for the winter and await notification of the taxe d’habitation, which is due to be sent here. We have our personal tax code from the taxe Foncière notification but do not have the special code for the taxe d’habitation for when you pay online. Is this a standard number ( if so, do you know it please?) or do we just wait for the official letter?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  5:52 pm - Nov 7, 2017

    Hi Jenny

    You will need the ‘Avis’ reference number so you can’t pay it till you have received it.
    No rush to pay the taxman! ;o)
    Kind regards

Jenny KelseyPosted on  11:07 pm - Nov 7, 2017

Thanks Rachel! Happy to wait for a bit….this month has been expensive. Our daughter got married last week!!

katherine moodyPosted on  3:59 pm - Nov 10, 2017

I can never get a reply from my local tax office by email & my French is not good enough to telephone – any idea how I can get an IBAN no to do a bank transfer for my area of Bedarieux please?
Thank you for any help you can give

    RachelG GallardPosted on  4:15 pm - Nov 10, 2017

    Dear Katherine,
    You can send them this message by post:

    Madame, Monsieur,
    Pourriez-vous m’envoyer un RIB pour que je puisse effectuer un virement pour payer mes impôts locaux ?
    Merci d’avance.

    Add your email address and they should write back to you.

    Kind regards


Carly MitchellPosted on  12:51 pm - Nov 14, 2017

Hi Rachel

We are living in the UK and received our taxe fonciere bill at our UK address and paid for this online using your very helpful instructions. I have not received a taxe d’habitation bill for this year yet though and I am concerned that the deadline for payment (if my google searches are accurate) is 15th November i.e. tomorrow. Do we get an extra month to pay given that the French property is a second home and will we still be able to pay for this online up to 15th December? I am assuming here that a bill will actually come at some stage. I have managed to set up a direct debit for the fonciere for next year and will do the same for the habitation as soon as we have a bill with the reference details etc.
Thank you in advance

    RachelG GallardPosted on  1:05 pm - Nov 14, 2017

    Dear Carly

    Owners of French holiday homes pay their Taxe d’habitation on 15th December, one month later than French residents.
    Your Taxe d’habitation is probably on its way!
    Kind regards

VickyPosted on  1:44 am - Nov 15, 2017

Thanks so much. The web page seemed different to how you describe, but your article gave me the confidence to pay the tax, as it was due today. I hope I did it right 🙂

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:50 am - Nov 15, 2017

    Hi Vicky
    Thank you for your feedback. Maybe their web site got updated and altered very recently. I will have a look.
    After entering your French bank details for your taxe d’habitation, you had to enter your email address. Within a few seconds you should have received a confirmation from the French tax office by email.
    Kind regards

Dawn whitakerPosted on  9:47 am - Nov 15, 2017

I can’t log on with my old forms as not received new ones.
How can I get online to view bill to pay?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  10:01 am - Nov 15, 2017

    Hi Dawn
    If you are not French resident, you need your taxe d’habitation to pay it online. Each tax has a reference number (référence de l’avis).
    Kind regards

Annie HughesPosted on  6:48 pm - Nov 16, 2017

I have received my taxe fonciere bill for 2017. But the details are wrong? It went to my old address. My name is not quite right and the address is wrong. Can the details be corrected online as well as paying online? Thanks in advance, Annie

    RachelG GallardPosted on  1:20 pm - Nov 17, 2017

    Dear Annie
    Thank you for your message. You are best to send a letter in French to the French tax office (postal address on your taxe foncière) mentioning your new address and your name. I would send also a copy of your passport.
    You probably won’t get any acknowledgement… You will find out next year when you get your new taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation if the changes have been made!

    Here is the text you could send to the tax office:
    Madame, Monsieur,
    Veuillez noter notre nouvelle adresse postale : UK address here.
    Merci de corriger mon nom (your name).
    Sincères salutations.

    Let me know how you get on.
    Contact me if you require more information.
    Kind regards

Dave LeggettPosted on  5:42 pm - Nov 18, 2017

Hi, we live in the UK but have a house in France. For the first time in ten years, we have been charged for audivisuel contribution as well as taxe d’habitation even though I always tick the box saying that we have no TV or aerial in France. I am trying to email them to challenge this but on the website I am asked for an online access number which it says is a seven digit number on the tax bill. There is no 7 digit number there, so I can’t set up an account to then send them a secure message. Any thoughts? Best, Dave Leggett

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:52 am - Nov 19, 2017

    Hi Dave
    You can pay the taxe d’habitation online using the link on my web site and when you get to the payment, you can alter the amount, ie deduct the TV license.
    Let me know how you get on.
    Kind regards

AnnaPosted on  10:45 am - Nov 20, 2017

Do you have any email address or phone no for the dept Avis D’Import (Tax D’Habitation) Haute Our area code is 07440

    RachelG GallardPosted on  1:21 pm - Nov 20, 2017

    Dear Anna,
    According to the Yellow Pages your local income tax is 12 rue Jeanne d’Arc, 07130 SAINT PERAY, tel. 04 75 40 30 46.

    Kind regards

Mandar PatgaonkarPosted on  7:08 pm - Nov 20, 2017

Dear Rachel,
I am in Paris for work since one year and staying in an apartment in 13eme. I received Avis D’Import (Tax D’Habitation). I think the amount is quite higher than expected (to be precise 1280 euros) for a 38m2 apartment, How do I file a complaint about the same? DO i have to pay the amount first and then complain or can i withhold? Please let me know.


    RachelG GallardPosted on  7:11 pm - Nov 20, 2017

    Hi Mandar
    Paris is expensive!
    You will have to pay the taxe d’habitation, write to the tax office now and see what answer you get from them.
    They will reimburse you if they think they have made a mistake.
    Let me know how you get on!

DavidPosted on  8:16 am - Nov 21, 2017

Dear Rachel,
We have a second house in France, and it is owned using an SCI. I’ve received and paid my Taxes Fonciere for this year, however have not seen the Taxes D’habitation. I note above that you have said for second homes that this may be in the mail now and payable on the 15th December. Do you think the same would apply in our circumstance?
Thank you

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:49 am - Nov 21, 2017

    Dear David

    Thank you for your message. Plenty of my clients who have holiday homes in France have not received their taxe d’habitation yet. They must be in the post, somewhere between France and England!
    Your deadline for your taxe d’habitation is also the 15th December for your SCI.

    Kind regards

CarolePosted on  1:52 pm - Nov 24, 2017

Hi Rachel,
I have just found your site, very helpful. We have just received our tax habitation to be paid by 15th December, as we have only been in the tax system for two years and this is our principal home we don’t have a house in UK any more, we don’t pay tax as we are on state pensions and we are over 70 but have to pay habitation which talking to other expats they don’t so am concerned they have not recognised this is our only home how can I check, can’t speak enough French for them to ynderstand me,
Thanks in anticipation

    RachelG GallardPosted on  7:38 pm - Nov 24, 2017

    Hi Carole
    In France we pay taxe d’habitation according to the size of our French house and our income.
    To see if your are taxed correctly look at the back of your taxe d’habitation and you should see (top right of the form), your income. If not, then you are taxed for maison secondaire.
    I hope this helps.

Chris WillisPosted on  2:11 pm - Nov 24, 2017

Hello Rachel,
I’m glad I’ve found your website. I’ve just filled out the electronic form for paying my Taxe d’Habitation. Unfortunately, I got stuck when it came to the last bit where it asked for the address électronique. I had a mental block and didn’t realise they just wanted an email address. I left the page briefly, and when I came back to it, the page disappeared. Trouble is that I’d filled in all my bank details etc, and had pressed the confirmation.
So now, I don’t know whether or not the payment will go through. Also, I won’t get an email to let me know when it has.
I’m afraid to go through the procedure again, in case I end up paying twice. And the deadline is 1st December.
I don’t know what to do now. Could you help please…
Really grateful for your reply 🙂

    RachelG GallardPosted on  1:52 pm - Nov 30, 2017

    Hi Chris

    Redo the procedure from scratch and if for
    Cumul des ordres de paiement déjà donnés
    you see 0€ then it is paid.

    If not, then enter your bank details and redo the procedure to pay your taxe d’habitation.

    Let us know how you get on.

Paul GreenhoughPosted on  8:05 pm - Nov 28, 2017


Just found this site and hoping you can help. We sold our property in France in October and only week we closed our bank account with Credit Agricole and transferred all fund to our UK account. Now we have just received a AVIS D’IMPOT 2017 TAXE D’HABITATION bill. How is the best and easiest way to pay this? We don’t speak French. Could we use the people we used to move the money to the UK?

I don’t think we should ignore this bill.

Any help would be appreciated


    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:57 am - Nov 29, 2017

    Dear Paul,
    When you sold your house, your notaire and agent must have explained you were liable for the Foncière and habitation till 31st December 2017.
    You can transfer the money to the tax office mentioning of course your name, fiscal reference number and TH or TF.
    Let me know if you require further assistance.
    Kind regards

Sarah sPosted on  9:54 am - Nov 30, 2017

Hi rachel, I have still not received my tax habitacion bill (which I believe is due on the 15th December). The tax fonciere was delivered to our house in the UK, but I have no way of knowing if the habitacion has been delivered to our house in France (although it wasn’t when we were there 2 weeks ago). It is the first year we are to pay these taxes, so I only have the reference number from the fonciere bill and do not even know the amount of the habitation. How can I find out how much my bill is and how to pay it please? Thanks for your help.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  1:44 pm - Nov 30, 2017

    Hi Sarah,

    I am pretty sure your taxe d’habitation will be sent to the UK rather than France. It could be in the post now. My clients are receiving theirs now.

    The only way to find out is to email the tax office asking for a copy of your taxe d’habitation.

    You will find their email address on your taxe foncière. French tax offices are receiving a lot of emails at the moment and are not coping very well so be patient, let’s hope they will get back to you before 15th December.

    You could send this text in French by email:
    Madame, Monsieur,
    Pouvez-vous m’envoyer une copie de ma taxe d’habitation ? Je ne l’ai pas encore reçue.
    Merci d’avance.

    Add your name, address and your ‘Numéro Fiscal’.

    Kind regards

Sarah sPosted on  2:14 pm - Nov 30, 2017

thanks so much for your reply rachel – that is very helpful.

Sarah sPosted on  1:34 pm - Dec 1, 2017

Dear rachel, I have found the website address on the fonciere but no email address. Whenever I try and make contact through the website, it sends around in circles as I don’t have a login reference. Do you have an email address for the I have also googled the local office on the fonciere, but they only have an address and telephone number, no email address is showing. The local office is st gervais les bains 74170. Any email address you or anyone else on this thread may have will be greatly received. Many thanks in advance

Sarah sPosted on  3:24 pm - Dec 5, 2017

Thanks again Rachel, they have replied advising they have recalculated the amount due and will send a bill in January 2018 with the payment due in February! What a lot of worry over nothing…… they could have sent a letter advising of that, or even have an email address to contact on the bill. I am feeling relieved however, and could not have done it without your help – many thanks

Tom StevensPosted on  12:01 pm - Dec 11, 2017

Hi – such a useful blog post. Do you know if its possible to pay these bills monthly, (Taxe d’habitation and Taxes Foncieres) rather than in one lump sum? And if so how to go about doing so. I have French bank account etc. Thanks for your help

    RachelG GallardPosted on  12:11 pm - Dec 11, 2017

    Hi Tom

    Thank you for your kind comment. You can pay your taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation monthly indeed but for the next taxes ie for 2018 as we our taxes in France in areas.

    Once you have entered your fiscal number and your tax reference number somewhere it says Adhérer aux prélèvements.
    Let me know how you get on.

JacquiePosted on  7:27 pm - Dec 11, 2017

Salut Rachel, just to say thank you for this website thread. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for Avis D’Habitation 2017. In previous years this Taxe d’habitation would have been forwarded to my UK address and been completed in the Nov. I found two email addresses on last year’s Avis so sent an enquiry as to why I haven’t received it. I got a reply today with a copy of the Avis attached – deadline this Friday! Then I found your website describing how to pay online without having to create an account. I’ve tried before with no success but this time I’ve cracked it with your help.
And according to your site I may even have set up prélèvement!
Thank you and hopefully others will also be helped with the deadline approaching.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  11:15 am - Dec 12, 2017

    Hi Jacquie,
    Thank you for your feedback.

    I am glad to hear my post about how to pay your taxe d’habitation online was useful to you.
    Best wishes

SharonPosted on  4:21 pm - Dec 15, 2017

Hi Rachel

I wonder if you can help? We’ve had our property in France for over ten years and in previous years have had no problems paying our Taxe Fonciere or Taxe d’habitation online. This year I paid the Taxe Fonciere in the usual way and received confirmation of payment but then in November had a letter saying that payment had not been received as it had been rejected by the bank. The bank say no request for payment was made. As soon as we received the letter we replied and sent a cheque to cover payment. They received that cheque on 4th December (we used postal tracking) and we have received another letter saying payment has not been received and imposing a 10% late payment fee. My French is not sophisticated enough for a conversation but we have asked a friend who is native French speaker to speak to them on our behalf. She’s not been able to speak to them yet as of today the cheque had still not been cashed. We’re not really sure what to do and are concerned that our online payment for Taxe d’habitation will also not be processed. Do you have any advice about how we can resolve the situation? Any guidance would be most welcome as we seem to have got embroiled in a bureaucratic loop!
Thanks, Sharon

    RachelG GallardPosted on  4:29 pm - Dec 15, 2017

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for your message.

    This time of the year it is impossible to contact the tax office by phone!
    See if the tax office’s email address is mentioned on last year’s tax papers. You could email them. If not, I would send them a letter, explaining what you have just explained to me and asking for the 10% to be waived.
    Let us know how you get on.
    Bonne chance!

Claire TintPosted on  4:29 pm - Dec 19, 2017


We have received and paid our taxe d’habitation but have now received another bill but just for 200€ due in January with no explanation: might it be for our new pool?

Thanks for your help!


NickPosted on  10:59 am - Dec 28, 2017

Hi Rachel I have a query you might be able to help with.
I have a property in France and I recieved my taxes Fonciere letter at my UK address. This was paid and I have been waiting for the taxes d’habitation to arrive but I’ve recieved nothing. Should I have recieved it by now? Is there a way of finding my local tax office to ask. My post code in France is 87130.

Any advice would be much appreciated


    RachelG GallardPosted on  7:31 pm - Dec 30, 2017

    Dear Nick

    Thank you for your message. The deadline for the taxe d’habitation is 15th December if it is your holiday home.
    You will find details of your local tax office at the back of your taxe foncière.
    Please contact me if you require further assistance with your French taxes.

    Kind regards

rawanPosted on  11:29 am - Dec 28, 2017

HI RachelG

please note that we have tax fonciere and habitation due to pay for year 2017 , is it possible to make payment from overseas into our local tax office located in paris with amount over than 2000 EU .

thanks for your efforts

best Wishes

    RachelG GallardPosted on  7:28 pm - Dec 30, 2017

    Hello Rawan,
    You can indeed pay your taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation by bank transfer. You need to contact your local tax office to get their bank details.
    Kind regards

Chris RedstonePosted on  1:20 am - Jan 3, 2018

Help please – I have been in hospital and missed the deadline for the habitation payment. I am now struggling to pay online from my French bank account!! Although somehow managed to do it last year. What ever I type in it wont work for me. Is there an enlish language site that I could use please??
I have the Caisse D’epargne bank statement with iban numbers etc.
Alternatively would it be possible to send them a french cheque to pay my taxe d’habitation although because I paid online last year they dont seem to want a checque this year !! dont know why?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  1:56 pm - Jan 3, 2018

    Dear Chris
    I hope you are better now!
    The reason why you can’t pay your taxe d’habitation online is because you have missed the deadline. However, you can send your French tax office a cheque if your taxe d’habitation is less than 2000 euros. The cheque is made payable to Trésor Public.

    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards

JulietPosted on  5:47 am - Jan 4, 2018

Hello Rachel, I have a French holiday home and need to pay Tax Habitation. I would like to pay this Tax online but have not yet received any notification for payment. I wonder if this has been sent to our property in France by mistake. I cannot find an email for the Tax department, can you help with this problem.

Thank you
Juliet Thompson

    RachelG GallardPosted on  2:37 pm - Jan 5, 2018

    Dear Juliet

    Thank you for your message. The best thing to do is to contact your local tax office in France.

    You will find their details at the back of last year’s tax (taxe foncière or taxe d’habitation).

    Please feel free to contact me if you require further assistance with your tax or with any problems you may encounter in connection with your French house.

    Kind regards


AnniePosted on  6:14 pm - Jan 5, 2018

Hi Rachel
I have some outstanding tax habitation and fonciere from 2017 and don’t have the payment request sheets as they were sent to a uk address I am no longer at. I am not sure how much is owing. So would like to find this out and pay. Also I’ve sold the house today 5/1/2018 and it was empty on 1/1/2018 and I’ve been told that I should not be liable for tax dhabitation and only for first 5 days for tax fonciere .
I have old payment request sheets with my account info.
Please can you assist with all this?

Tony WPosted on  7:55 am - Jan 6, 2018

Bonjour Rachel

I sold my French house in July 2017. I have received a French Taxe d’Habitation. Do I need to pay this tax or should I forward it onto the new owners? I hope you can help me.
Merci !


    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:37 am - Jan 6, 2018

    Hi Tony
    You have to pay your taxe d’habitation as you were the owner of your French house on the 1st January. We pay taxes in France in arrears.
    Kind regards

TomPosted on  3:02 pm - Jan 8, 2018

Hi Rachel
I do hope you are able to help me.
I set up a direct debit to pay my Taxe d’Habitation from my French bank account but the money has not been debited from my account yet. I have been given your email by a friend and hope you are able to advice as to what I need to do.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  4:06 pm - Jan 8, 2018

    Dear Tom,
    You need to contact your local tax office. See their details at the back of your taxe fonciere or taxe d’habitation.
    If you are using a UK bank account, check with your UK bank if they accept SEPA payments.


SuePosted on  10:46 am - Jan 10, 2018

Dear Rachel

I have owned a house in Brittany for 7 years as a holiday home . I am moving to France full time in March 2018. I need to have any Taxe Fonciere and Taxe d’Habitation invoices sent to my French house. Can I get the tax office to send these taxes to my French address?

Regards Sue

    RachelG GallardPosted on  10:52 am - Jan 10, 2018

    Dear Sue
    You can write to the tax office asking for all correspondence to be sent to your French address. Don’t forget to add your Fiscal number which you will find on any taxes (habitation or Foncière).
    Kind regards

AgnesPosted on  7:05 pm - Jan 10, 2018

Dear Rachel,
thank you so much for this useful thread. Can you please help me in understanding my situation?
I am a freelancer driving my own company based outside France (although in EU). Because I often trade with customers in France, I’ve rented a flat here to save the hotel costs due to my frequent visits.
I just received tax d’habitation and have a big doubt about its applicability – my company is based outside France and I am not employed here by any measure. As every abroad habitant, I pay all my institutional & private taxes to the resident country where I’m based (where in fact is my “center of economic interest”).
Is this certain that in this case I need to pay the tax d’habitation?

TrayanPosted on  7:55 pm - Jan 10, 2018

Hey guys,

we received tax d’habitation in Nov and now again in January. both for 2017. First one is for almost 600 eur and second one is for almost 1200 eur.
they are pretty different as there was the tv tax on the first one, but the second one is on a different template.
any suggestion before i ask the tax office?
thank you

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:45 am - Jan 11, 2018

    Hi Trayan
    There must be a reason why you received 2 taxes d’habitation but without seeing both sides of your taxe d’habitation, I can’t tell you!
    Feel free to email them to me and I will have a look.
    Kind regards

DavidPosted on  2:40 pm - Jan 12, 2018

I paid the tax d habitation at the end of Dec 2017
I have today received 2 additional bills for extra 20% for second home
Both bills have the same number fiscal but different reference de l Avis
Can you help
Thank you

BarbaraPosted on  6:50 pm - Jan 12, 2018

Hi Rachel,
I purchased a holiday home on 01 March 2017 and as part of the process, the Notaire included a refund of pro-rata taxe fonciere for 10 months to the Vendors. They did not pay taxe d’habitation due to their limited income.
At the present time, I have not received a bill for either taxe fonciere or taxe d’habitation (which I will be liable to pay) for 2018, but the reason for this might be due to the fact that I have not yet received my title deeds from the land registry, so the authorities have not yet caught up? (In Oct 2017, the Notaire told me that they were currently receiving deeds for purchases completed in Dec 2016).
Reading your very informative posts, I wonder whether I should be taking any action at this stage?
I have no idea of which tax office deals with my area, nor any reference numbers for previous owners. Do you think I will also have to pay both amounts in full at this stage, rather than be allowed to pay by instalments? Do you think I will be hit with a late payment fine in the circumstances?
Many thanks

    RachelG GallardPosted on  3:05 pm - Jan 13, 2018

    Hello Barbara
    We pay our taxes in arrears in France so your next taxe fonciere and habitation will be sent to you at the end of this year.
    You don’t have to worry about them for now.
    If you have moved to France full time, you must inform the tax office so they can send taxes to your French property.
    I hope this helps.


StuartPosted on  8:56 am - Jan 17, 2018

We have changed uk address and so have now missed the deadline for taxe d’Habitation (sadly lost in post). Our French cheques have run out and also too late now to pay online.
I tried to e mail to the French tax office regarding IBAN etc to do a transfer and they keep linking me back to the Impots website.
Can you help please help? we are in the Cotes d’Armor, La Motte.

Many thanks

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:56 am - Jan 17, 2018

    Dear Stewart
    As you are now late to pay you will be charged an extra 10% penalty fee. I suggest you wait a few weeks and you will receive a reminder with the 10% fee. You will then be able to pay your taxe d’habitation online.
    Please contact me if you require further assistance with your French taxes or paperwork related to your French property.

    Kind regards

Pippa CraigPosted on  4:17 pm - Jan 18, 2018

Hi Rachel
We just spoke after I emailed you regarding a couple of questions. Thank you so much for getting back to me and for your advise.I truly appreciate your help.
Thankyou 🙂

    RachelG GallardPosted on  1:02 pm - Jan 19, 2018

    You are welcome, Pippa.
    You can keep my details for the next query/problem related to your French property.
    French English Translations, paperwork, red tape, insurance, French inheritance, French lessons, and much more…


eric lambertPosted on  2:34 pm - Jan 19, 2018

I have 2 tax d’habitaton invoices:
one for an apartment and one for a garage
I returned them signing the TIP as usual to the tax dept in the same envelope, the amount for the garage has debited as usual but the other has not.
I have tried to pay this French tax online but it says the date to do so has passed, I have a French bank account, can I send it directly from there, I have not received any letters about non payment.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  2:40 pm - Jan 19, 2018

    Hi Eric
    You can’t pay it online after the deadline.
    You can wait for the reminder and you will be able to pay it online.
    Or you can contact the tax office to ask for their bank details.
    If I were you, I would write to them informing them you have sent both TIPs and only one tax was paid. Otherwise they might charge you 10% extra for late payment.
    If you require further assistance, please contact me.
    Kind regards

OliverPosted on  3:02 pm - Jan 23, 2018

Hi, I’ve missed paying our taxe d’Habitation. Have done it online in the past but it is not allowing me to do it now the dead line has passed. How do I go about paying this… Regards Ollie

    RachelG GallardPosted on  3:21 pm - Jan 23, 2018

    Hi Oliver
    You can send a cheque to the French tax office or wait til you receive the reminder and you will be able to pay your taxe d’habitation online.
    You could set up a direct debit so you won’t miss the deadline to pay your taxe d’habitation!

Sarah sPosted on  9:28 am - Jan 25, 2018

Hi rachel, on the 12 Jan I paid the tax habitaction through The impots website (as I did the fonciere in October) yet the money still hasn’t left my account? I logged back in today and it shows I’ve made a ‘payment tequest’, so can’t edit it or send again…,. Any ideas why the money hasn’t been taken? (I have checked the IBAN and although some numbers are X out, what’s visible is correct. Interestingly, I tried to pay through my bank again this time using the IBAN on the bill, but it said IBAN incorrect. On looking at my fonciere payment in Oct which left my bank account but I had to make through the website as it was telling me the IBAN was incorrect, the IBAN is different. Therefore should we assume the IBAN on the bill is actually incorrect? Hence why people are struggling to pay through there bank? Many thanks I’m advance for your response.

ClairePosted on  3:25 pm - Jan 25, 2018

Dear Rachel
I saw your very useful advice online about paying taxe d’habitation. We have had our flat in South of France for more than 15 years. The bills are sent to England and we pay by French cheque. We moved house and informed Strasbourg of our change about 3yrs ago. All was well, although I noticed English address not quite right. This year we received taxe fonciere late because our house number was missing. I sent payment by return with a letter asking them to correct the address but then got a bill for the 10%. By the time I got this bill we should have received the taxes habitation bill and this has still not come. I wrote again, saying that we had not received it together with the audiovisual thing to fill in and saying that I don’t think we have to pay the 10% (although I did send the cheque). I have heard nothing and the letter was sent on 11th December. I have a copy of the letter recording our change of address in 2015. I can’t find any easy way of contacting them. I hope you think it is OK.
I do hope you can help, I’m starting to get worried.
Best wishes,
Claire W

JoPosted on  11:58 am - Feb 7, 2018

Dear Rachel,

You seem to be saintly! I’ve been living with my boyfriend in France since 2013 and we were under the impression that the ‘tax d’habitation bills he received were for the both of us as the tax office knows my address and I had been paying tax sur les revenus. We (this time in both our names) recently received a further tax d’habitation bill for 2016 for an amount just over half of what we have already paid (327€ his w) and were informed I am supposed to pay too. Now for the 2017 tax d’habitation my boyfriend has again received a bill in just his name and I’ve not. I had no income in either 2016 or 17. Should I be charged or not? Is it safe to sit back and see if they send something, (OK I doubt this!).

Thanks for taking so much time to help everyone

YMPosted on  7:24 pm - Feb 8, 2018

Hi Rachel,
All of you posts seem incredibly helpful! We received a taxe habitation notification (on a second property) in Nov and I did what I’ve always done in the past which is to sign and return the TIP bit at the bottom (which had our correct bank details from previous payments). Posted on 4 Dec. I received a letter (dated 8 Dec) which I didn’t try to decipher at the time (my french is appalling!). I have now received a late payment notice with 10% penalty, and having gone back to the letter I think it is confirming setting up a direct debit but saying it was received too late to be processed for the payment due 15/12/17. I don’t know if I ticked something incorrectly on the TIP, I assumed the TIP was enough to be a payment instruction. Is there any point in me trying to correspond with tax office to get to the bottom of the misunderstanding, and hopefully have the penalty reversed, or should I just pay it? My tax is €2013 (plus €201 penalty). Can I pay it by sending the TIP back?
Thanks for your help!

JadePosted on  8:57 am - Feb 9, 2018

Dear Rachel,

I have an apartment in Lyon since 2005 and always receive my facture for Taxe D’Habitation which is posted each year to my address in the US. I then forward a cheque directly to Centre Des Finances Publiques.

It has just come to my attention that I have not received notification of payment of my 2017 Taxe D’Habitation. I only received facture for 2017 Taxes Foncieres, which I have dutifully paid.

Is it my obligation to chase the facture up? If so, do you have a valid email address?

I am concerned and would appreciate if you could please advise me how I can get this matter sorted.

Kind Regards,


    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:59 am - Feb 9, 2018

    Dear Jade
    My clients are receiving their reminder for the taxe d’habitation at the moment so yours should be in the post. You will be able to pay your taxe d’habitation online following the above instructions.
    Unfortunately the 10% penalty will be added to it.
    I hope this helps.

JeffPosted on  10:28 am - Feb 9, 2018

Hello Rachel

I have a property in France (Brittany) and they are sending tax bills to my old address in the UK. I have moved for quite a while now.

What is the best way to contact them to changethe address – the email on the tax bills doesn’t work. Do you know if they have a new email address?

Best wishes

    RachelG GallardPosted on  10:30 am - Feb 9, 2018

    Dear Jeff,
    The best way for the French tax office to update your address is to write to them by ‘normal post’.

    You can include a copy of last years tax (taxe d’habitation or taxe foncière) so they can see your full name and your fiscal reference number.

    Kind regards


AnnettePosted on  9:05 am - Feb 13, 2018

Hi Rachel,

I bought a property in France last year but have not received an invoice for either taxes. I am not sure what I should do?


    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:16 am - Feb 13, 2018

    Dear Annette

    As you bought your French property last year, your first taxes are not due until October for the taxe foncière and December for the taxe d’habitation if it is your holiday home.
    You probably paid some taxe foncière when you bought your French house. The French notaire might have calculated a pro rata taxe foncière which you paid to the vendors when you bought your French house.

    You can relax! You don’t owe any tax just yet.

Josh BerlePosted on  3:00 pm - Mar 5, 2018

Hello Rachel
My father died a year ago and we sold his flat in Cannes midway through last year and closed his french bank account. We have received a demand for the taxe d’habitation and i’m not sure how to settle it. I’ve accessed the link you have provided, which shows the authorities have my father’s records, however it seems to indicate I can pay the bill direct from my own sterling UK-based bank account if i enter in the relevant IBAN and BIC codes. Is this possible or would the account have to be in euros? Alternatively, could I pay via a money transfer bureau? In which case, what is the relevant french IBAN code? Thank you for any help you can provide.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  3:47 pm - Mar 5, 2018

    Dear Josh
    You can pay by the taxe d’habitation using your UK account if your UK bank accept Sepa payments. Check with your bank!
    If not, you can pay by bank transfer but you will need to call the tax office to get their bank details.

    Best wishes


ClairPosted on  4:39 pm - Mar 6, 2018


We have owned a property in France for four years that we rent on a weekly basis. I have a French accountant who does our tax returns for us every year and we receive notifications at our home address in the UK. I have never received a taxe habitation demand although receive taxe foncière demands yearly. I queried the lack of habitation demands with our accountant who said if we’ve never had one then there is nothing to pay. Everything else I’ve read indicates that we are liable. Please can you advise – are there certain circumstances when no taxe d’habitation is due?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:30 am - Mar 7, 2018

    Hi Clair,
    As far as know you are liable for it!

    You wouldn’t be liable if you were renting out your place full time ie a 3 year lease. Your tenants would pay for it.

    If I were you I would contact the tax office and ask…

    Contact me if you require further assistance with your French property.

JackPosted on  12:05 am - Mar 13, 2018

First let me say this thread has been super helpful and thank you Rachel for being amazing with you answers.

So I’m an American Student doing a two year masters program in Paris. I don’t have any income for 2017 or for 2016; I’m paying for my studies with a scholarship and loan from the US. I got a letter about a Taxe d’Habitation saying I have to pay around 1,500€ (plus 10% for the late fee). I ignored the letter assuming because I have no revenue that I wouldn’t have to pay. I know now that it was a mistake to just ignore it.

I guess my question is, do you think I’m exempt from paying this as I have no income and a foreign student? I looked at the back of my taxe d’habitation and the top right of the form doesn’t list anything for income. I know that the payment is late. I guess I’m just wondering how to proceed.

Thanks for any advice you can give me. 1600€ is a LOT of money for a student on a scholarship.


    RachelG GallardPosted on  11:18 am - Mar 13, 2018

    Hi Jack

    As far as I know you are liable for teh taxe d’habitation as it is payable by the tenants. I don’t know if you are entitled to a discount as you are a student.

    I suggest you write a letter to them and see if you get a reduction.

    Please contact me if you require assistance with drafting the letter.


Jasraj ThakurPosted on  11:07 am - Mar 13, 2018

I moved to France in August and have rented an apartment in September 2017. I would be here permanently. Do I need to pay the Tax Habitation now or in 2019. Where should I go to find how much I need to pay.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  11:17 am - Mar 13, 2018

    Hi Jasraj
    You will pay your first taxe d’habitation at the end of this year (2018).

    If you live in France full time you will have to declare your income in France in May 2018.
    The taxe d’habitation for French resident is calculated according to his/her income as well as the size of the French property.

    Best wishes

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