How to pay your Taxe Fonciere online

How to pay your Taxe Fonciere online

If you own a property in France, you will be liable for the Taxe Fonciere.

If you can’t visit your local tax office in person, you can pay your Taxe Fonciere online. It’s rather straight-forward.

Please follow this link here. 

Click on « Payer en ligne »

Numéro fiscal : enter your fiscal number which you will find on your income tax form or any other taxes (taxe d’habitation or taxe fonciere)

Click on “Payer en ligne”

Enter the reference number of the tax you are paying.

(référence de l’avis)

Finally you will have to enter your bank details then your email address.

Once the tax is paid you will receive an email confirming your payment. Keep it for your records.

Please note you won’t be able to pay your French taxes online:

once you have missed the deadline

or if you have not received your taxe fonciere as you need the tax reference number.


Please send me an email here if you require further assistance with paying your taxes online or any other way.


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Terence BatleyPosted on  11:33 am - Oct 31, 2017

Hi, I live in UK and have a property in France. I am currently in UK and the taxe fonciere bill, which I need to pay, is in France. I have been trying to contact the Tax office for Clussais La Pommeraie but without success, before the deadline for payment. This is my first tax bill, so I don’t have any of the information needed to pay the bill online and, to make matters worse, I speak hardly any French.
I have a French Bank account, but have failed miserably to find a way of paying the tax. Can you help?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:10 am - Nov 1, 2017

    Dear Terence,
    Thank you for your message.
    Unfortunately you have now missed the deadline so you will get charged 10% extra anyway.
    This time of the year it is impossible to call the tax office, and they don’t like giving information over the phone anyway, so I suggest you contact them by ‘normal’ post asking for a copy of your taxe foncière and their RIB (bank details).
    Contact me if you need further assistance.

    Kind regards


Terence BatleyPosted on  11:47 am - Nov 4, 2017

Thank you Rachel, I will write to them as you suggest.
Many Thanks

Janet PateyPosted on  11:57 am - Nov 21, 2017

Good afternoon.
I bought a property in France April 2016 and reside here full time. Last year I contacted the Immobiliere from whom we purchased the house and asked about the Taxe Fonciere. They told me that there would not be one in 2016 as we had paid a proportion for that year when we signed for the property with the Notaire.
I have not received one for this year and do not know whom to contact. I have asked for help, but no-one has been forthcoming. Can you assist please.

TrevorPosted on  2:52 pm - Nov 25, 2017

Hi I wonder if you could advise me re paying habitation / fancier.The paper work seems lost in the mail .I do have my número fiscal and FIP number but not ref; de Avis .Is it possible to pay with just this info? thankyou Trevor……….

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:30 am - Nov 27, 2017

    Hi Trevor
    You really need your taxe d’habitation to be able to pay it online. My clients who have holiday homes in France are just receiving their taxe d’habitation now so yours could be in the post too.
    You could try to email the French tax office asking for a copy of your taxe d’habitation but they are receiving hundreds of emails and they are not able to answer them all at the moment.
    Kind regards

JeanPosted on  8:36 pm - Dec 18, 2017

Hi Rachel,
Thank you for sharing this useful information about taxe fonciere. I have managed to pay it online. I am moving to France full time next year and I will need your assistance with translations, paperwork and registering with the health system in France. My French property is in Brittany. I look forward to contacting you early next year.
Merry xmas to you and your family!
Jean L.

Christine JonesPosted on  5:30 am - Jan 4, 2018

Hi Rachel, we seem to have a problem with our French Tax Habitation. We have not had any notification about paying our Tax Habitation. We have a French property in Brittany and wondered if you could help us.

Christine Jones

Angela BrittanyPosted on  7:57 am - Jan 6, 2018

Hi Rachel
I sold my French property in December 2017.
I have received a Taxe foncière. Do I have to pay this tax or should I forward it onto the new owners? I hope you can help me.
Thank you!


LauriePosted on  3:03 pm - Jan 8, 2018

Hi Rachel
I have missed the deadline to pay my Taxe Fonciere. Can I send them a cheque from my French bank account? Or do you know if they will they accept payment from my credit card over the phone. It will be several months before I am able to come over to my French house so need to make some way of paying the Tax. Are you able to help me?
Laurie S

    RachelG GallardPosted on  4:04 pm - Jan 8, 2018

    Hi Laurie
    You can send the French tax office a cheque (from a French bank account). You can’t pay by bank/credit cards.
    Best wishes

MichellePosted on  10:44 am - Jan 10, 2018

Hello Rachel
Do you know if the French Tax Department will accept either UK Bank debit cards or credit cards to pay Tax Fonciere and Taxe d’Habitation. I do not have a French bank account any longer as I sold my French holiday home a few months ago.
I will await your reply.


    RachelG GallardPosted on  10:54 am - Jan 10, 2018

    You can’t pay your French taxes (habitation or foncière) by bank cards. You can pay by bank transfer though. You can also pay it online using your UK bank account.
    Kind regards

JanePosted on  10:48 am - Jan 10, 2018

Dear Rachel

I have owned a house in France for 5 years as a holiday home. I am moving to France full time this year. I need to have all post and taxes (Taxe Fonciere and Taxe d’Habitation) sent to my French house. Can I get the tax office to send these taxes to my French address?


KevinPosted on  1:39 am - Jan 14, 2018

Hi Rachel
I bought a house in France in July 2017. I know we paid a portion of the appropriate tax through the notaire.
I have been stressing over when the bills for 2018 will be sent out.
Having found this page on your very useful site, am I right in now thinking that the Fonciere and d’habitation taxes for 2018 will not be billed till Sep or Oct this year?
This is a holiday home for us, so will the bills be sent to our uk address?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  11:08 am - Jan 15, 2018

    Both taxes, taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation, will be sent to your UK address (to the address you gave the notaire when you bought your French property).
    If you visit your French holiday home before September you could visit your local tax office and set up a direct debit (prélèvement) so the French taxes are paid automatically. Even less stress if your French taxes are on direct debits!

Amy SheppardPosted on  8:01 pm - Jan 18, 2018

Rachel-Thank you so much for your invaluable help with paying my mothers habitation tax. As you know I was finding it extremely difficult to navigate the French Tax system and with language constraints it was becoming very frustrating. With your help we’ve managed to simplify what needs to be done.
Thank you again!

    RachelG GallardPosted on  12:59 pm - Jan 19, 2018

    Not a problem, Amy.
    You know where to find me now! Don’t get stressed out.
    (English/French translations, paperwork, red tape, French taxes, health cover, insurance, etc).

Nancy GlennPosted on  6:55 pm - Jan 23, 2018

Hi Rachel,
My mother has lost her Taxes d’Habitation bill and when they tried to debit my bank account, I had insufficient funds.
What is the best method to:
1) get a copy of the bill;
and 2) pay the bill?
Using the Taxes Foncieres bill (which I have),
I tried to create an online account at but it is asking for a 7 digit online access number which I cannot find on the Taxes Foncieres bill (it is supposed to be on the first page according to the directions on the website).
Thank you!

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:25 am - Jan 24, 2018

    Dear Nancy

    To get a copy of your taxe d’habitation you need to contact your French local tax office (see their details at the back of last years taxe d’habitation or taxe fonciere);
    To pay the taxe d’habitation, you can send them a cheque or pay by bank transfer but you need to contact your tax office to obtain their bank details.

    Soon the French tax office will send you a reminder for the taxe d’habitation. You will be able to pay this tax online then.

    To create an online account at indeed you need a 7 digit online access number. This service is only available to French residents. If your Mother doesn’t declare her income in France, you won’t be able to use this online service.
    I hope this is useful, Nancy.

JWPosted on  9:38 pm - Jan 23, 2018

Hi there. Looks like my online payment didn’t go through for the taxe fonciere, and i’m prevented from trying to pay online again. I closed down my French bank account, and am unsure as to how I should pay this now. Will I need to re-open the French bank account and pay from there? Thanks

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:04 am - Jan 24, 2018


    You can pay your taxe foncière by bank transfer.
    Please ensure you write your name, TF (for taxe fonciere) and fiscal reference number when you transfer the money.
    You will need to contact your French tax office to get their bank details.
    I hope this helps!

CharliePosted on  10:50 am - Jan 31, 2018

Hi Rachel,
how do we get a copy of our tax fonciere for 2017, we are in Manche 50150.
Can we do it online?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  12:29 pm - Jan 31, 2018

    Hi Charlie

    The taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation are sent automatically to your main residence (to the address you gave the notaire when you purchased your French property).
    Do you live and declare your income in France? If so you can get a copy online indeed.

    If not you can contact your local tax office which is in Mortain:

    Contact me if you require further information.

    Kind regards

JeffPosted on  10:31 am - Feb 9, 2018

Hello Rachel

I have a property in France (Brittany) and they are sending tax bills to my old address in the UK. I have moved for quite a while now.

What is the best way to contact them to changethe address – the email on the tax bills doesn’t work. Do you know if they have a new email address?

Best wishes

    RachelG GallardPosted on  10:34 am - Feb 9, 2018

    Bonjour Jeff,
    The best way to get the French tax office to update your address is to write to them by ‘normal post’, including a copy of last year’s tax (taxe d’habitation or taxe foncière) so they can see your fiscal reference number.


Derek WalkerPosted on  11:46 am - Feb 12, 2018


What fantastic advice you are giving out! I hope you can help me, I purchased a holiday property in Gers 32230 in June 2017. I haven’t received any bills for TF or T d’h should I have?

I have contacted the notaire to make sure that my UK address was sent to tax office and also the local Mairie to see if they can advise, although I haven’t had a reply yet. I’m really nervous of not paying on time as this is my first ever property in France, I want to do the right thing!

Hope you can help


    RachelG GallardPosted on  12:00 pm - Feb 12, 2018

    Dear Derek
    You can relax, your taxe d’habitation and taxe fonciere will be sent to you this year. You don’t have to worry about 2017!
    Kind regards

anthea rowanPosted on  8:27 am - Feb 15, 2018

Hello Rachel, I really hope you can help. We have failed to pay our taxe fonciere for several years. This isbecause our house was condemned, post a vice cache revealed in the sale after sale, we took the seller to court and won but he failed to pay damages to correct. I understand that an empty and condemned house is not liable for TF, we are disallowed even to use it ourselves until problems addressed. I have tried and tried to get a response from the authorities on this but failed. Whom can I write to? I live abroad … in Africa. Many thanks.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  8:46 am - Feb 15, 2018

    Dear Anthea

    I am sorry to hear this. You are very unlucky.

    The best thing to do is to send a registered letter to the French tax office explaining the situation. You would be exempt from taxe d’habitation. I am not sure if the tax office would exempt you from taxe foncière too.
    Please contact me if you require assistance with drafting the letter to the French taxman.
    Kind regards

GerryPosted on  9:12 am - Feb 15, 2018


I’ve been reading your blog, thank you for all your information.
Right now I am struggling to understand how after giving my bank details to the page through, I am then supposed to be debited for the taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation. There was no IBAN for which to send money. How will I be charged???

Thank you very much.

    RachelG GallardPosted on  9:15 am - Feb 15, 2018

    Hi Gerry
    By entering your Iban the French tax office’s bank will debit your account. You don’t have to do anything else. Simple procedure!

GrahamPosted on  5:40 am - Feb 20, 2018

Hi Rachel

I paid my Tax Fonciere by bank transfer from my French bank Credit Agricole – well before the due date. I have now received a further demand from the Tax Office for €15 as they say the payment was not an approved method!! I paid it and the Tax Habitation by the same method last year, and also my personal tax amout due, with no fine. Surely they are wrong??

I wrote back to them (by email) saying they were incorrect and have heard nothing back from them three weeks later.

I am resident in France.

ClairePosted on  1:42 pm - Feb 22, 2018

Rachel, thanks so much for helping me with all my administration ‘monsters’, navigating the law, the tax system and the language has been giving me nightmares – and then I found you!

Your service is a must for all holiday home owners with properties in France who have no little or no French and are short of time. I will recommend you in a flash to my friends in Ste Terre who are all, like me, struggling! I can enjoy my home with a nice smattering of wine and sun, now, “monster free”

GrahamPosted on  11:45 am - Feb 27, 2018

Rachel – an update on the fine imposed by the tax office for paying my Tax Fonciere by an ‘unapproved’ method (ie Bank Transfer from French bank). After protestations and stating I was not going to pay this they have now cancelled it…..

JohnPosted on  10:46 am - Mar 2, 2018


I have property in France but live elsewhere. I recently moved and although my taxes foncière and habitation were paid through my bank, I did not receive an actual copy of the documents. Is there a way to download previous year’s taxes somewhere online?

thank you!

    RachelG GallardPosted on  11:17 am - Mar 2, 2018

    Hi John
    If you are a French resident and declare your income in France, you can have an account online with the French tax office and download documents.

    If not, then you can’t! Maybe one day their system will allow you to do so.

    The best way for you to get a copy of your taxe fonciere and taxe d’habitation would be to write a letter to the tax office. Let them know at the same time that you have moved. They will update your address.

    Best wishes

Liz mPosted on  11:48 pm - Mar 26, 2018

My husband and I bought a property in Marval 87440 in September 2017.
My husband will live there full time in April 2018 .
This is now our only residence however I am renting in UK as I will continue to work until I leave for France permanently in April 2019. When should we expect out the taxe fonciere and taxe d’habitation?

    RachelG GallardPosted on  10:13 am - Mar 27, 2018

    Hi Liz

    The Taxe Foncière is due on 15th October and the Taxe d’Habitation on 15th December.
    Once you start declaring your income in France, the deadline for the Taxe d’Habitation will be the 15th November.

    I hope this helps!

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