Translation & Relocation Services

Thinking of moving to France?

No matter how many books you read …
or how much advice you seek from others who have made the move to France …
sadly there are always pitfalls.

rachelI am Rachel Gallard, a French National and I am bilingual; Having lived and worked in the Channel Islands for many years I can understand the frustrations felt by my English speaking clients trying to deal with another culture, in particular – the French way.

The French approach to business and service can be hard to comprehend even for the French, so I have developed an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the system, I spend my time ensuring the answers are in place before the questions arise.

Established in 2004, AngloFrench Communication is registered with the French authorities and as such is legally required to meet their standards in providing a legitimate and accurate service to customers.

Through Anglo‑French Communication my clients have easy access to other professionals who I trust and work with. Even if your problem is utterly unique, you have our combined experience to draw on for a fast and effective solution to any headache.

The stories are true, every branch of the French civil service adores red tape and paperwork, let us handle the administration while you enjoy your new life in France!

I provide high quality services to individuals and all types of businesses paying close attention to the needs of each client.

Services Offered

Personalised assistance with your relocation and any problems you could face thereafter due to the language barrier.

  • Connection of all amenities (water, electricity, gas, phone, internet)
  • Banking services (opening French bank accounts, obtaining a mortgage)
  • Registering with the French Tax authorities
  • House and car insurance
  • Health care (registering with the French health service and arranging a top up insurance)
  • Bill management (setting up direct debits or ad-hoc payments)
  • Arranging deliveries (oil, gas, wood, etc)
  • Relocation from the UK to France.
  • Assisting with form filling (planning permissions, tax return, exchange of driving licence)
  • Enrolling children in a local school
  • Re-registering cars
  • Secretarial work (simply drafting formal French correspondence)
  • Liaising with any third parties (neighbours, the local Mayor’s office, notaries, advocates, tradesmen, doctors, etc)
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Introduction to recommended registered tradesmen, surveyors, architects, accountants, etc

As most queries can be dealt with by phone or email, my service is available to clients anywhere in France.

Although I do not offer legal advice, I will visit your notaire with you when you discuss formalities such as “promesse de vente”, “acte de vente”, “wills”, etc and act as an interpreter. I can liaise with the notaire and being a third party, I am not involved with the actual sale of the property and thus I am not seeking to make money from this aspect. I only seek to facilitate negotiations explaining in English about what the purchaser is buying or signing.

For more information please contact Rachel on 00 33 2 96 27 43 16 or via the contact form.